Have you seen the COVID-19 challenge?  No, not the nasty one where people with no sense are licking public surfaces.  The one where people are teaming together to support small businesses by ordering lunch or dinner and sending it to those in our community who are working hard to support us and keep us safe and healthy while we all deal with this pandemic.

A friend of mine in Florida shared this post with me after I posted about SpokaneDelivers.com.  We can’t eat “out” every day (much as we might like to!), but this is another way to support local restaurants, as well as show appreciation to our mission essential community workers.

COVID-19 Challenge by Ryan G. Hardy, P.A.Support a small business by ordering lunch/dinner and sending it to our…

Posted by Ryan G. Hardy, PA-Criminal & Family Law Attorney on Saturday, March 21, 2020


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