As we all continue day by day during this pandemic, each of us faces our own struggles.  Some are struggling with challenges of working at home, or not working.  Some are struggling with trying to homeschool their children.  Many are struggling with illness, or boredom, or not being able to find flour or toilet paper.

And there are some who are struggling just to find food, not from the restaurants that "Spokane Delivers!" was started to support, but necessities to feed their families.  The Salvation Army of Spokane has seen a significant increase in the demand for food as a result of the coronavirus.  They've also seen an increase in the need for cleaning and hygiene items.

One of the best ways to take your mind off your own troubles is to find a way to help someone else.

Are you bored and restless?  Volunteer with The Salvation Army of Spokane - help clean their campus, or help prepare food boxes for those in need.  Be sure to take precautions for social distancing and wear a mask to limit the potential for infecting other.

Of course, if you're ill or high risk, you shouldn't volunteer outside the house, but you can still help.  Consider donating to The Salvation Army of Spokane, and show that Spokane "delivers" hope to those in need.

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You can learn more at The Salvation Army of Spokane's website.  Visit the site and choose Volunteer in this Community or Donate to the Community, or follow the updates on their Facebook page.

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