While many of us are "staying home and staying healthy", there are many essential services that are still open.  We're very thankful for the health workers, grocery and food service workers, delivery drivers, first responders, and others working to get us all through this COVID-19 crisis.  But there are some essential services that may not come to mind right away - like laundry services!

Keeping things clean is one of the best ways to fight any illness, and laundromats and laundry services are specifically called out as essential businesses in Gov Inslee's executive order.  While you can still go to a laundromat, you also have the option to stay home and use a laundry delivery service.

Trevor Meek and his wife, Tahney, have stepped up to the challenge; their business, Tumble Laundry Company, offers laundry pickup and delivery service so you and your loved ones can stay home and stay safe.  And right now, they're offering discounts on wash and fold services as well as free pickup and delivery for orders over 20 lbs.  You can also drop off your bags of laundry at one of Tumble Laundry's three locations and pick your laundry up clean, fresh, and done for you!

woman with folded laundry and little girl holding basket of laundry

Trevor learned about "Spokane Delivers!" from a KHQ story and reached out to me with the idea to expand this resource and list other essential services that also offer pickup or delivery to help us reduce exposure and flatten the curve to control the spread of coronavirus.  Laundry is definitely something we can all relate to!  And although many of us have washers and dryers in our homes, not everyone does - and despite the "stay at home" order, not everyone has the time or ability to get their laundry done.

Mission essential workers are often working MORE hours now, and having a service to wash and fold your laundry for you could be a time saver that allows you more rest.  Also, with the social distancing requirements, some people who have had help in their homes or businesses with laundry services may not be able to get that help.  For example, Trevor mentioned they've seen an increase in people asking about laundry services for their elderly parents.

"A lot of people in their 50s and 60s, they have parents in their 70s and 80s who have washing machines but need help.  They usually go to their parents' house to help, but can't do it now with social distancing, so they've called us to see how we can help." ~Trevor Meek, Tumble Laundry Company

Tumble Laundry Company also provides services for nursing homes, doctor and dentist offices, and can clean large household items that are too cumbersome for home laundry equipment.

Take advantage of this service to #StopTheSpread and #SupportSpokane!  If you offer or know of other services that can help our community and keep a local business operating, reach out and contact Spokane Delivers!

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