The need for food does not decrease during a pandemic.  In fact, due to the disruption of the economy, more people than ever need a little help to feed their families.

Fortunately, we live in a community that Delivers!  Spokane Food Fighters is a local nonprofit dedicated to helping end hunger in Spokane, a meal at a time.

While there are a number of wonderful organizations working to help those who are facing food insecurity (such as local food pantries, school districts, Meals on Wheels, or Second Harvest Food Bank), sometimes there are emergency needs that can't be met within these channels.  Spokane Food Fighters is trying to fill the gap by providing emergency "next day" meals for those who haven't been able to get help through other means

Besides helping those with emergency food needs, Spokane Food Fighters is providing economic assistance to local restaurants by partnering with them to provide the food.  All meals are paid for through generous donations from organizations and individuals.

Spokane Food Fighters provides the channel, but the success of this effort depends on donations and volunteers to purchase and deliver food to those who need it.  Learn more about how you can help by volunteering for a two-hour delivery shift, or donate to help meet food security needs in Spokane.

Thanks to Marcus Riccelli and his partners for coming up with a way to show how "Spokane Delivers" hope to those in need.  Visit Spokane Food Fighters to see how you can help with the fight against hunger and put food on an empty table.

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