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While many people are able to work from home amid COVID-19 closures and "stay at home" orders, there are many who can't, and who are now stuck at home without a paycheck.  With restaurants closed, many of their employees are among this number.  Most restaurant employees are hard-working individuals, "the heartbeats of their communities," says famous chef and restaurateur Guy Fieri.

A lot of Spokane restaurants have turned to offering delivery and takeout in order to keep the doors open, but in many cases, this means they're operating at a loss.  Sometimes, the business has to shut their doors to preserve capital and have the chance to reopen when the worst of the crisis is past.

What can we do to help?  We can order takeout or delivery from one of our local restaurants, but we can't "eat out" every day (at least most of us can't!)  For those of us tucked away at home, but wanting to reach out and help others, the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation launched the Restaurant Relief America campaign, a fund launched to help restaurant and food service workers trying to make it through.  According to the press release, 100 percent of the monies raised go to restaurant workers negatively impacted by COVID-19 closures.

You can make a difference to a Spokane restaurant employee.  Consider donating to the Restaurant Employee Relief Fund, and share this information with a food service or restaurant worker.

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