Springtime is here!  It usually comes with showers, flowers, warmer weather, and craft and garden shows, but of course this year, the outside events aren't happening.

But if you're bored and wishing you could go out and browse the vendor tables for those handcrafts, kitchen items, or health and beauty products you crave, here's something to help while you wait out the pandemic.  Shari Campbell of Airway Heights has put together a Virtual Vendor Event featuring 30 plus small businesses and side gig sellers.  Indulge your desire to shop, while helping small businesses to survive and thrive.

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Welcome to a break in the monotony of sitting at home, doing nothing! Thank you for joining us in supporting the Small Businesses who need your help to thrive during this difficult time. Are you looking for some jewelry? housewares? makeup? handcrafted items? Well, you're in luck! We have all that and MORE!

~ Shari Campbell, Creator of the Virtual Vendor Event

Here's how the Virtual Vendor Event will work:

  • Join the Virtual Vendor Event Facebook group.
  • There will be a lineup of vendors with the time and days they will be coming on.
  • Vendors will have a time slot to "go live" - they will introduce themselves and their product, then showcase their specials, deals or other fun stuff.
  • You can find vendor info in the Units Tab of the Facebook group, and each of their posts will have their business name on it for ease of searching in the group.
  • The event will run from 8am to 8pm Monday thru Saturday, April 20th - May 4th, but there will be breaks during the day so you can browse those have already posted and get ready for those to come!
  • On Sunday, we respect that there are those who would prefer to spend this time with their families, so we'll use the 2 Sundays - April 26th and May 3rd - as Specials Days, so you won't miss any excitement!
  • The group won't be closed down upon completion of the event, so if there is a post you want to get back to later, you'll be able to do so.  The vendors may come on periodically to post a special as well, so you may see those in the future, too.

Visit The Virtual Vendor Event!

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